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52 Kid-Free Dates in 52 Weeks

We did it… and so can you!

Let Us Introduce Ourselves!

We are Justin and Sarah from Chicago, Illinois. We have been married for 10 years and have two amazing boys. Sarah is a full-time Pediatrician and I own my communications company. Our demanding schedules on top of parenting usually meant that our marriage got placed on the back burner. Last year, we decided to reprioritize.

As our 2018 resolution, we decided to prioritize our marriage by going on a kid-free date once a week, every week, for one year. And even though it wasn’t always easy, we made it happen. Every week we shared a picture on Facebook letting our friends know that the dating streak was still going! We received so much encouragement along the way and towards the end of the 52 weeks, found ourselves getting some media attention. We didn’t expect any of that to happen, but felt compelled to share our story and give other couples some helpful tips to ensure they #neverstopdating.

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Recent Press Coverage

Say Cheese!

Most of these are just quick snaps of Sarah sitting at a table/booth, but they’re each like a little trophy we picked up along the way to our goal. Take a quick peek into our 52 week journey of togetherness!

Supportive Words

Each week when Justin posted these pictures to his Facebook page, we would get all kinds of encouraging words of support from our friends and family. It was an unintentional side effect of our resolution, but we are so honored to have inspired other couples to schedule their own dates!

After reading your story, my wife and I set a goal of one date a month for 2019. We celebrated our first date last night. We are already planning our February date.

Anthony Haag

We were inspired by you and your lovely wife’s story to go on one date a week without the kids, so we are attempting to do the same. An opportunity to talk, laugh and remind ourselves why we fell in love with each other.

Ivy W.

You guys. I have amazing and now famous friends. Justin and Sarah made a New Years Resolution last year to go on one date a week without the kids for the whole year and they DID IT! It was so fun and heartwarming seeing their weekly posts of them just being a couple. It was so inspiring and think it is so important for couples to do to keep your marriage and relationship strong. They got the attention of the Chicago Tribune and just this morning even got the attention of the Today Show! Love you guys and way to be an inspiration to couples all over the country!

Abbey L.

Date Night Map

The interactive map below includes a marker for each of the restaurants we dined at during our 52 week journey.

They Put Us On TV! Can You Believe It?!

Ideas for Great Date Nights & Experiences

Find Scenic Views

Even if you’ve been before, find a scenic overlook and enjoy the view together.

Double Date

There are probably other couples you know that are overdue for a night out, so give them a call and make a plan to enjoy a double date.

Take a Hike

Finding time to exercise and time to date can be challenging, so combine the two for a unique dating experience.

Dinner & Movie

Since you can chat during the movie, be sure to have great conversation over dinner.

Shop Til You Almost Drop

Go shopping to places you don’t normally have the time to really shop at… like IKEA or Outlet Malls. Splurge on a fun present for the house!


Our favorite celebration meal is around a hibachi grill. Enjoy a culinary show and be sure to introduce yourself to the others around the table!

Tips for Great Dates

As a married couple, we’ve been dating for years. But in 2018, we dated 52 times and learned a few things along the way. We hope they help you have a great date!

1. Do Your Research

Chicago, like all large cities, is full of amazing restaurants. Of course, we have our favorite places but also enjoy discovering new places. Expand your list of options by spending a few minutes on Yelp or even asking your friends/family for their list of go-to restaurants.

2. Call Ahead

Not all restaurants take reservations or offer call ahead seating, but it never hurts to call and find out.Once you’ve set a date, then set the table! Get your name on the list or reserve your table well in advance.

3. Go Tech Free

We always encourage taking a date night photo to commemorate the occasion, but once you’ve snapped the pic put the phones down. Enjoy your meal with no distractions from social media, incoming emails, etc. The glow of two smartphones is not romantic!

4. Use Your GPS

If you’re trying a new place, make sure you know how to get there. Review the route from your home or office, and be sure to note how long it will take to get there so you don’t miss your reservation.

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